Thursday, 30 May 2013

brooch business

I've spent the last couple of days moving things around in my room in preparation for the arrival of the rest of my belongings that are currently still in my University flat. I came across a box that I was given by my Nanna many years ago. Inside is this beautiful little blue brooch. It's such a beautiful little thing and although I've never thought of wearing a brooch before, I can make an exception with this friendly little swallow piece. He's lovely isn't he?

Monday, 20 May 2013


I believe your twenties is an ideal period to achieve something. Whether it is to conquer an adventure that has been at the back of your mind for many moons, grasp a footing in to what is to become your ideal career or whatever hopes and dreams you find that you have.
My time at University comes to an end in a year and I will find myself setting foot into the big world that I have little experience in. Like many I have dreams. My dreams are those that are not out of the question, however, ones that with a little patience, hard work and time, could quite possibly come true.

My biggest dream of all is to live in New York, perhaps not permanently, perhaps just for six or so months and perhaps one that I would have to work hardest to achieve. But I could settle for visiting and that is my first goal by the time next year comes around. Perhaps, I find myself fantasizing a 'sex and the city' lifestyle a little too much. Writing articles in a Starbucks, strolling through Central Park with a furry companion, munching on krispy kremes in a small, but cosy apartment and of course Cosmopolitans at all hours with friendly faces.

A second of mine is to own a Volkswagen camper, a yellow and white one to be precise. I'd like to travel America in it (with furry companion), but I think I could settle for less and travel Great Britain in it. I'd love to return to places like the Costwalds and Tenby. Two of Britain's little wonders, to me.

I enjoy that I have a big dream and a smaller version of it, because to me the smaller version could be easily ticked off and if I am unable to achieve the bigger dream, I still will feel I've achieved a part of it. Of course too it is great preparation.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday Brunch

Sunday morning, coffee and cinnamon danish, a perfect start to a day of american history revision.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

lemon kisses

lemon flavoured biscuits held together by rich lemon goodness.

First off, I'd recommend to use a basic circular cutter for these biscuits unlike the snowflake I'd chosen. The curd will hold two circular biscuits together better and the edges won't catch like the snowflakes did!

 This recipe will make around twenty biscuits,

100g soft butter,
75g caster sugar,
1 egg yolk,
1tsp vanilla extract,
zest of one lemon, juice one,
140g plain flour,
1/2 jar lemon curd.

1. In a bowl, cream together the butter, sugar, egg yolk, vanilla and zest from a lemon, easiest done with a wooden spoon. When a creamy consistency, add in the flour, using your hands towards the ends to form a dough.
2. Tip the dough onto a floured surface and smooth, roll out and stamp your shapes. Keep re-rolling and stamping until the dough has been used.
3. Arrange shapes on trays lined with greaseproof paper.
4. Put in a preheated oven set at 200C for 8-12 minutes, watch carefully though as I left mine in for 8 and feel they could have done with a minutes less.
5. When the biscuits are cooled, spoon a teaspoons worth of lemon curd in the centre of the biscuit, placing another on top of this. Decorate the top how you wish! I use a dab of lemon curd to hold some orange and lemon jellies to each.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

What's in my bag? - May

I keep the everyday items in my bag quite simple, I'm not one of those girls who has absolutely everything and has to rummage to find anything.

1. I always have a bottle of water because I always make sure I drink two litres a day, I've been doing this on a regular basis for the last seven months now and my skin rarely has breakouts and I believe it is down to the amount of water I drink that keeps it clear.

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo 'Wild', one of my best friends. This helps to keep my hair looking fresh on those not so fresh days. I've tried lots of different Batiste shampoos and I have to say I haven't really been able to tell the difference. However I only use it when having my hair tied up as even though when down, it makes my hair look clean, it still feels... not tame-able, so maybe it does have a more 'wild' affect when used on hair that is down. But it smells good and works wonders!

3. I always have a book in my bag of some sort. I am currently reading 'to Kill a Mocking-Bird' and as an English student I feel a little ashamed of taking until the end of the second year doing an English degree to get around to reading it. I'm really enjoying it - I love a bit of American history and cannot wait to see what other literature Harper Lee has to offer.

4. My Radley purse. I have too much of an obsession over Radley, which I'm putting down to my mum and my aunt. On my nineteenth birthday my mum went a little overboard on Radley gifts to me, including a bag, purse, umbrella and a watch. I actually believe this purse was from my brother.

5. Paperchase sticky notes, I've had this for years and only recently got round to using it reguarly, opening it reveals seven different size post it notes with a cute bird pattern so I've taking to reguarly writing myself lists and reminders on it.

6. Rimmel concealer 030 classic beige, I don't carry makeup products around with me much, just because I never really adjust my makeup throughout the day unless I'm wearing lipstick. Perhaps I should learn to and I could always do with retouching my foundation/applying powder, but, I just never really do, I think I can't really be bothered to go out of my way to run to a bathroom and spend five minutes reapplying. However I feel this concealer freshens me up a little and calms down any redness that may occur during the day.

7. Lipbalm, of course another one of my best friends. This one is strawberry with a little pink tint which i've stopped using as my lips have recently developed a habit of turning blue/purple even if i'm not cold, this just ensures they remain a human colour throughout the day!