Monday, 20 May 2013


I believe your twenties is an ideal period to achieve something. Whether it is to conquer an adventure that has been at the back of your mind for many moons, grasp a footing in to what is to become your ideal career or whatever hopes and dreams you find that you have.
My time at University comes to an end in a year and I will find myself setting foot into the big world that I have little experience in. Like many I have dreams. My dreams are those that are not out of the question, however, ones that with a little patience, hard work and time, could quite possibly come true.

My biggest dream of all is to live in New York, perhaps not permanently, perhaps just for six or so months and perhaps one that I would have to work hardest to achieve. But I could settle for visiting and that is my first goal by the time next year comes around. Perhaps, I find myself fantasizing a 'sex and the city' lifestyle a little too much. Writing articles in a Starbucks, strolling through Central Park with a furry companion, munching on krispy kremes in a small, but cosy apartment and of course Cosmopolitans at all hours with friendly faces.

A second of mine is to own a Volkswagen camper, a yellow and white one to be precise. I'd like to travel America in it (with furry companion), but I think I could settle for less and travel Great Britain in it. I'd love to return to places like the Costwalds and Tenby. Two of Britain's little wonders, to me.

I enjoy that I have a big dream and a smaller version of it, because to me the smaller version could be easily ticked off and if I am unable to achieve the bigger dream, I still will feel I've achieved a part of it. Of course too it is great preparation.

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  1. read i heart new york! its a bit chick lit but its about a uk woman who goes to new york to write. its so beautiful and i love all her little make up bits and the girly details.