Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Favourites - monthly edit

These have been my go to products this past month. As you can see there are only a few simply because I was quite inactive the first few weeks and with inactivity comes laziness in the getting ready regime. My most 'go-to' product was the Bodyshop Radiant Glow highlighter, I absolutely love the way it looks when it catches the light and makes my skin feel a lot more radiant and healthy.

Apologies for the ever so dark lighting, I didn't take these 'til late at night and wanted to get them in before July came about!

Bug has become my favorite day time summer fragrance, it's very light and fruity, with such a big bottle I don't mind dowsing myself in it. I like to use my Jean Paul Classique during the evening, as I'm running out I've been using my fragranced body lotion instead. It's just as good as the perfume and I can still smelt the fragrance hours after.

I've begun using eye creams daily and they really help awaken and leaving my eyes feeling fresh as well as the skin soft. This little tub from Clinique is my favorite out of those they tried and i'll be purchasing a full sized one when it runs out.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Life Lately

I've been home for summer from University for quite some time now and I can only describe my life currently as plodding along. I haven't done an awful lot that hasn't been work and I'm not really sure when I see this changing.

the Liar - Stephen Fry.
I'm only a couple of chapters in, it's something a little different to my usual read and as Fry's first novel it definitely resembles parts of his autobiography which I find interesting. It is easy to see where inspiration for the novel came from.

I haven't written any more to the novel I've been working on for quite a while now. Flicking through Marie Claire the other day I came across a writing competition that I'd like to take part in, it requires the first 6000 words of a women's contemporary novel and I'm 4000 words there. Hopefully this will motivate me to continue writing and not let the novel waste.

Mad Men.
I began watching this some time ago, but I constantly have so many things to watch I go through phases of watching lots of episodes of one thing to many of another.

Listening to...
I haven't actually been listening to music much at all recently which is odd, I've found myself watching episodes of programmes a lot more, but of course I'll have to add City and Colour's latest album the Hurry and the Harm.

Looking forward to...
Going to the South of France in August, it's all i've been able to think about for months now, gosh I really need to make some more plans. I'm just looking forward to getting away somewhere hopefully hot, sinking in the different culture, and I can't deny the fact I'm very much looking forward to turning naturally bronze. I can't wait to walk the cobbled streets and drink cappuccinos in the sunshine whilst eating ice cream and other treats, just eleven days of relaxation without thinking about too much.

Thinking about...
Beginning to learn to drive again. I regret so much not just getting it over and done with when I was having regular lessons and so many of them that the final test wasn't too long away. Living in the countryside with both parents working and having to rely on public transport never works (it never turns up). I'm really interested in beginning yoga & meditation classes and I often want to go somewhere different for the day, whether alone or not. Of course this is all made a lot easier with the ability to drive. My birthday is just round the corner so I think i'll put the wishes of a new Radley bag aside and ask for something that will truly be beneficial.

Worrying about...
I haven't really been worrying much lately, the last thing I can remember was about going in to work to pull a pint when I did it ever so awfully the previous day. (I've had 4 shifts since on as just a 'waitress', so I think I get the hint of how bad I was!).

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Whats in my makeup bag? June edit

from left: L'oreal CC cream anti dullness || Revlon 3d volume mascara || Clinique even better concealer || rimmel blusher in smoked oyster || the Body Shop highlighter || Max Factor masterpiece mascara || Topshop lip stick || Burt's Bees lip balm. 

I hadn't realised just how minimal my everyday makeup routine was until I uploaded these images, part of me immediately wanted to visit the counters in Boots to see what other items my makeup bag was missing. However, I am fairly content with my natural makeup palette and I've never felt I was one who particularly suited lots of products and bright colours on my face, or I am simply yet to master the look.

My everyday makeup bag consists of my two favourite mascaras, CC cream, concealer, blusher, highlighter, a lip balm and lipstick.

I picked up the Topshop lipstick shortly after the announced their makeup range and I think they shortly after discontinued the colour and their website no longer seems to stock them, instead replacing them with lip bullets so I'm absolutely dreading when this lipstick can no longer be used because the colour and application is wonderful.

Have any of these products made it to your daily look?

Monday, 17 June 2013

Marie Claire magazine freebies

I'm quite possibly the last person to blog about this months fabulous giveaway from Marie Claire, two miniature items from Ciate, a polish in Cookies and Cream and Shooting Stars caviar pearls. The kit is worth £10 and Marie Claire retailing at £3.80 is a chunky magazine in itself, so this month it is definitely great value for money.

I've chosen to team the pearls with a more pinky nude colour as when trying the Cookies and Cream I felt it was more suited to the darker, colder months and the gold and pink tones of the pearls works in my opinion better with a nude colour if you're choosing to sport them on one nail on each hand as I have done.

Have you got your hands on the Ciate minis this month?

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Paul & Joe Lipstick in Silk Stockings

Online lipstick purchasing is something i've never done before. When it comes to lipstick i'm extremely picky with colour and finish. I dislike anything too shiny, glossy, sticky and I find that colours presented on websites are often untrue to the actual colour of the lipstick.

However, I have literally browsed the online shelves of Paul & Joe products for years and I finally decided to just give in, but did a little product background research beforehand. I'm so glad I did too, the three colours I initially looked at looked totally different in reviews and this resembled more of the colour I had in my mind, pink wrapped with coral tones. However this is presented as a really bright pink on the website which initially led to my overlooking until I looked at a review or two... or four.

The lipstick is purchased separately to the case giving you more options to personalize your product. The lipstick clicks into the case with ease and it gives the lipstick such a dainty and quite frankly, pretty appearance that anyone would  be proud to swipe it out of their bag to apply.

I absolutely adore the colour. It's easily buildable and glides onto the lips leaving them feeling very moisturized (I applied a clear Burt's Bees lip balm beforehand).

What do you think of the Paul & Joe lipstick collections?

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Clinique even better concealer

(apologises for the dab in the pot, I had to have a quick pre-work fix up before I had a chance to photograph this product).

I decided it was finally time to splash out a little and to buy myself a new concealer. Admittedly, I don't often have breakouts and therefore I always kept a cheaper concealer with me just in case I needed to dab a little on. However lately my skin has felt a little dull underneath the eyes and after a little research I came across Cliniques latest addition to its concealer range.

This concealer promises to camouflage dark spots and imperfections and brighten skin over time with vitamin-C actives. I hoped this would work as a two in one to brighten under my eyes and cover anything that needed covering, keeping my makeup bag a little lighter.

The concealer is full coverage, covering my blemishes well as well as brightening under my eyes. This concealer also did not crease under my eyes and stay put all day. Although in a small pot, I can see this product lasting a long time as after a handful of uses it looks barely touched.

Have you tried any products from the Even Better range?

Friday, 14 June 2013

Revlon photoready 3D volume mascara

I have found myself reaching for Revlon products over other highstreet brands more and more reguarly. It all began with finally discovering the foundation that was right for me, the '24 hour colour stay'. I was so impressed with the foundation compared to every other I had tried, highstreet and premium brands, and it had only continued to go up from there. When my favourite Max Factor 'masterpiece' mascara needed replacing, I decided change old habits and proceeded to research Revlon's mascara range to see if they matched up to their (for me) winning foundation.

The Photoready 3D Volume mascara caught my eye, being described to volumise lashes 100% and receiving endless five star reviews, it was slightly more expensive than my favourite mascara, but I decided to give it a go.

I cannot begin to praise this product enough and this has quickly replaced its Max Factor contender and become a staple in my makeup routine. I use two coats and the difference is incredible. I found application very easy and the sturdiness of the brush had me feeling in complete control which I sometimes have struggled with (l'oreal volume million lashes).

This mascara is a serious contender with premium brands and I know I wouldn't opt for any over this mascara, retailing at £10.99 it's an impressive product at an affordable price.

L'oreal free gifts

I received this free gift set back in December and have only recently gotten around to trying out the new products, bar the mascara. I'm quite stubborn with my makeup routine and like to stick to what I know, but I'm slowly prizing myself away from this mindset and decided to give other products and lovely at that, that are sitting in my drawer collecting unnecessary dust.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

What I've been reading this year

I love nothing more than sinking into a good book, one that can keep you hooked for hours on end and this year I have found one that led to me reading for three hours straight, I simply couldn't put it down. This year already I've read a good dozen or so books and I have narrowed it down to some of my favourites.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

June beauty wishlist

Bare Minerals: Get Cheeky || Clinique Chubby Stick in Heftiest Hibiscus || Clinique CC Cream || Mavala nail polish in Jaipur || Mavala nail polish in Bali || Mavala nail polish in Moscow

This month I have fallen back in love with Clinique products, I am trying to find my perfect summer lipstick (which will have to be a coral/peachy colour) and in need of updating my nail polish collection which is very autumnal orientated.

Clinique free gifts

Clinique currently have a fantastic free gift offer at their counter in John Lewis. With the purchase of two products (one must be from their skincare range) you receive a makeup bag and six skincare products worth over £70.

The products included are:
body butter,
body exfoliating cream, 
moisture spray, 
makeup remover, 
wrinkle & uv damage corrector and eye cream.

With such a variety I thought it was well worth the two purchases to receive these little gifts,

What are your favourite Clinique products?

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

going paleo

I don't think there is anything more lovely than a bowl full of edible colour!
Summer is approaching and we are all hoping to look good in our swimwear this year, I've spent the last nine months educating myself about nutrition and this Paleo-Lifestyle had caught my eye for some time, so I finally decided to give it a go.

Briefly; this lifestyle is taking us back to our caveman days. The Paleo diet, or more so lifestyle encourages us to eat fresh products and diminish processed foods. You can find more about the benefits of the Paleo-lifestyle here.  I'd like this to fit comfortably into my lifestyle and therefore I don't follow it down to a T everyday, I'd find it too impossible as well as very expensive. Instead i'm trying more to follow it well (with the exception of 3 meals one week) with one week on and one week off. That's not to say I'll binge and eat junk the following week, but I simply cannot cut out bread! I'd say I near to never eat rice, pasta and white potatoes, but peanutbutter on toast is a staple!

An easier way to look at the Paleo lifestyle is to split it into two groups, foods that follow the lifestyle and foods that don't, they go as such:

fresh meat,
fresh seafood,

processed foods,

(If following this as a diet, the diet does allow you three non-paleo meals per week).

I like to begin the day with a variety of fruits, I added in some peanutbutter because I was going to be on my feet without food all day and it helps to satisfy my hunger (as well as delicious with fruit and everything for that matter).

for a lunch or a light dinner I like to add my favourite fruits/vegetable to make a salad a little less boring, such as asparagus and avacado, I don't use a dressing because I like the flavour of the vegetables and fruits on their own, however you can make your own with lemon and olive oil to fit in with the paleo lifestyle.

What are your thoughts on the Paleo Lifestyle? Have you/are you thinking of trying it?

Sunday, 2 June 2013

makeup repurchases?

That time has come, you know, the one your purse dreads... when each of your everyday makeup products seems to be running out exactly at the same time as the others.

I thought i'd write a little post on pieces I will definitely be re-purchasing, looking at products I definitely will not be and new pieces I'd like to try.