Tuesday, 11 June 2013

going paleo

I don't think there is anything more lovely than a bowl full of edible colour!
Summer is approaching and we are all hoping to look good in our swimwear this year, I've spent the last nine months educating myself about nutrition and this Paleo-Lifestyle had caught my eye for some time, so I finally decided to give it a go.

Briefly; this lifestyle is taking us back to our caveman days. The Paleo diet, or more so lifestyle encourages us to eat fresh products and diminish processed foods. You can find more about the benefits of the Paleo-lifestyle here.  I'd like this to fit comfortably into my lifestyle and therefore I don't follow it down to a T everyday, I'd find it too impossible as well as very expensive. Instead i'm trying more to follow it well (with the exception of 3 meals one week) with one week on and one week off. That's not to say I'll binge and eat junk the following week, but I simply cannot cut out bread! I'd say I near to never eat rice, pasta and white potatoes, but peanutbutter on toast is a staple!

An easier way to look at the Paleo lifestyle is to split it into two groups, foods that follow the lifestyle and foods that don't, they go as such:

fresh meat,
fresh seafood,

processed foods,

(If following this as a diet, the diet does allow you three non-paleo meals per week).

I like to begin the day with a variety of fruits, I added in some peanutbutter because I was going to be on my feet without food all day and it helps to satisfy my hunger (as well as delicious with fruit and everything for that matter).

for a lunch or a light dinner I like to add my favourite fruits/vegetable to make a salad a little less boring, such as asparagus and avacado, I don't use a dressing because I like the flavour of the vegetables and fruits on their own, however you can make your own with lemon and olive oil to fit in with the paleo lifestyle.

What are your thoughts on the Paleo Lifestyle? Have you/are you thinking of trying it?

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