Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Favourites - monthly edit

These have been my go to products this past month. As you can see there are only a few simply because I was quite inactive the first few weeks and with inactivity comes laziness in the getting ready regime. My most 'go-to' product was the Bodyshop Radiant Glow highlighter, I absolutely love the way it looks when it catches the light and makes my skin feel a lot more radiant and healthy.

Apologies for the ever so dark lighting, I didn't take these 'til late at night and wanted to get them in before July came about!

Bug has become my favorite day time summer fragrance, it's very light and fruity, with such a big bottle I don't mind dowsing myself in it. I like to use my Jean Paul Classique during the evening, as I'm running out I've been using my fragranced body lotion instead. It's just as good as the perfume and I can still smelt the fragrance hours after.

I've begun using eye creams daily and they really help awaken and leaving my eyes feeling fresh as well as the skin soft. This little tub from Clinique is my favorite out of those they tried and i'll be purchasing a full sized one when it runs out.

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