Sunday, 2 June 2013

makeup repurchases?

That time has come, you know, the one your purse dreads... when each of your everyday makeup products seems to be running out exactly at the same time as the others.

I thought i'd write a little post on pieces I will definitely be re-purchasing, looking at products I definitely will not be and new pieces I'd like to try.

1. Benefit 'they're real'. 
I disliked this product completely and would not repurchase. I find it clumps very easily and is difficult to work with. It did lengthen the lashes, but no better than my other favourite mascaras and therefore I wouldn't want to pay any more for a product that does the same lengthening work but adding a horrible level of 'clumping' with it. Retailing at £19.50 I find this far too overpriced for the product that it is.

2. Max Factor 'masterpiece'.
This is my all time favourite mascara and one I have been repurchasing for years and will again. This style of wand is my favourite as I find it much easier to work with unlike the thicker brushes that I do like, but find when using a new mascara they tend to clump and therefore I like to work with them more after they're not so new. This retails at £9.99 which I think is a reasonable price for such a good product. It really adds noticeable length to the lashes as well as a level of thickness too.

3. Revlon '3D volume'.

I am yet to try this product but I am eager to and will perhaps purchase it over the Max Factor masterpiece mascara to compare. Since finding my perfect foundation in Revlon, I am coming to love their products, finding them great value for money, long lasting and doing their job well.

4. L'oreal 'volume million lashes'.
I received this mascara in a christmas gift set and months later I still don't know how I feel about it. Some days we get on great, other days are a different story. It leave a subtle layer of glitter amongst the lashes which is quite nice for evening wear, although it it subtle so you can get away with it throughout the day also. I'm not a fan of the brush as I find it difficult to work with, it doesn't feel too sturdy either leaving me feel I am not as in control as I'd like to be with my mascara. I wouldn't repurchase, but saying that it isn't a bad mascara, it leaves the lashes thick and volumised, it is purely the brush I have issues with.

Benefit 'hello flawless oxygen 100% wow'.
I have to say, when it comes to Benefit products, I have found myself disappointed time and time again. Saying that the only ones I've used enough to give it a fair trial have been this foundation and the mascara. On a positive note, I am a fan of the colour. It does give my skin the appearance of a glowing and healthy look. However this doesn't stay long, my skin tends to go very shiny throughout the day and I find the foundation loses it's touch and would need reapplying after only a couple of hours. I was very disappointed. This retails at £25.50.

Revlon 'colorstay'.
It always seems people are constantly on the journey to find that 'perfect' foundation. Good coverage and long lasting. I think I have finally found for me, the perfect foundation and instead of shopping around to look at others I will just be sticking to purchasing this one until it no longer does the trick.
Revlon Colour Stay does everything I want in a foundation. I find the colour lasts all day and gives good coverage throughout. The consistency isn't too light or too thick and it is made for both normal skin and oily. Retailing at £12.49 I find affordable and reasonable for such a wonderful foundation. The only issue I have is that I'd prefer it to have a pump for easier use.

Body Shop 'extra virgin minerals'.
At first I LOVED this foundation. I vowed to use no other. It gave a perfect finish, seemed to last and the colour gave my skin a lovely glow. I did find however that this product does not last long at all and for the price, retailing at £16, I couldn't afford to use it everyday to have to honestly probably replace after three weeks or so, and I don't tend to use that much foundation on a daily basis. I also found after a while of using it, it left my skin feeling quite greasy and no longer gave the affect I at first thought it did. Perhaps it would work better with a powder too, but as for now I will not be repurchasing.

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