Thursday, 13 June 2013

What I've been reading this year

I love nothing more than sinking into a good book, one that can keep you hooked for hours on end and this year I have found one that led to me reading for three hours straight, I simply couldn't put it down. This year already I've read a good dozen or so books and I have narrowed it down to some of my favourites.

1. The Fry Chronicles.
I quickly fell in love with Fry's authoritative style of writing when I began to read his first autobiography, 'Moab is my Washpot'. Since then I've read a range of his books, fiction and non fiction and I believe I could title him my favourite author. What I love about the Fry Chronicles is that you really feel that he has put himself into the book, the way he writes resembles the way he speaks and his pages are filled with humor but also addresses the more dark, personal side of his life.

2. Eat Pray Love.
There aren't many books I have read more than once, but this book managed to grab me all over again the second time, a sign of a great read. I find this book incredibly inspiring and I also very much become prone to daydreaming when I finally manage to put it down.

3. To Kill a Mocking Bird.
I wanted to begin to read those great classics we all know but haven't read. I wasn't sure at all what to expect from this book, I had no idea of the storyline and although I had no idea, I still found myself surprised at what the book actually revolved around. Judging books by the cover which we should
never do, I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. This was the book I didn't put down for three hours.

4. Winnie the Pooh.
I guess a lot of the books I read have a serious undertone to them all and I remember giving myself a book break to begin to read something a little lighthearted, which is where I found this laying around the house. I just thought the book was such a little beauty I couldn't resist a read and read it all in one go. It was just something a little lighter to read and that took me back to my childhood, (I continued to watch the film right after!).

5. The Psychopath Test.
My brother is a form English student and his bedroom to me is like a little library. I find myself popping in there on a daily basis to browse the shelves and pick up books. It's enabled me to read books I never before would have thought of reading and I'm so glad for it, it's opened up my eyes to a wide range of genres and of course authors. Jon Ronson has become an author that I really enjoy, especially this book in particular.

6. The Valley of Fear & The Day of the Locust.
These are my two current reads, I'm half way through the second, it's a light and interesting read. I've not gotten too far on the Valley of Fear (a Sherlock Holmes story), the style Doyle writes in definitely needs a lot of attention!

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