Monday, 22 July 2013


My first encounter with Clinique dated roughly back to six years ago, when my mother passed me her Clinique Almost Powder makeup. It's fair to say I was clueless with makeup back then, but I do remember the end result left me feeling impressed. At a young age and not overly interested in makeup, I didn't part with £23 when the product ran out and at the age, I probably didn't need to either. Since then I became a dedicated user of Max Factor products and always will fall back to their mascara range (I find they even give high end products a run for their money).

These past few months I've found myself remembering how much I fell for their powder and decided to see if their other products matched up to my high expectations. As you can see, it's resulted in a little collection appearing. Being left consistently impressed, I have found myself opting towards Clinique when in need of replacing certain products and trying out new ones. I'll admit it is a little steep on the purse and after every purchase I do feel like I've made a small investment but I can promise you it has always been worth it.

Clinique always has some sort of great offer that I would really recommend you to take a look at. The skincare sample size products that are included in the above picture were part of a 'buy one skincare product and another makeup product and get a makeup bag filled with skincare products free'. Although having to spend roughly £60 to get the freebies (I already had two things in mind to buy so this was a bonus), they really are worth it. I've found myself falling for products I would not have previously tried, such as their eye cream and they really do tot up to being worth over £70 in all.

Although there are some items that didn't win me over from their samples, such as their body exfoliator scrub (the peppermint smell left me with the feeling that I was bathing in toothpaste and the consistancy wasn't gritty enough for my liking in a scrub), the products do still have a certain feeling of luxury about them.

At the time being I believe my collection can come to a halt for a little while, more so because my purse simply won't allow me to carry on my growing addiction, however I have been eyeing up their Fresh Bloom All Over blusher in Peony Blend, let's see how long I can keep my hands off of that.

What are your impressions of Clinique? Do you own any of their products?

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