Monday, 22 July 2013

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Hello hello hello! It's been a while, I do apologise. I have so many reviews for you but the beautiful weather has kept me outside rather than cooped up in front of my laptop and even thinking of editing photos and writing reviews has left me feeling a little hot under the collar!

So July is coming to a close and what a month it has been. Below you will find products that I've been reaching out for on a regular basis as well as what is keeping me entertained. I can't praise every single one of these products enough so just take it from me when I say I love each and every one of them and if you're thinking about purchasing one of them, all I can say is yes yes yes!

(I am one of those people that loses the lids to absolutely everything... oops!)
  • Opting for this Clinique CC Creaam for a little more coverage however with the weather as scorching as it is at the minute i've been having to opt for no base instead, but I'm looking forward to getting a real chance to use this product, with SPF of 30 it's perfect for hot days if you can handle a made up face!
  • I finally got my hands on the Real Technique's Expert face brush. What I love about this brush is that not only is it a little beauty for applying cream and liquid foundations, but I can also use it to blend in my cream highlighter as well as my blusher.

 I like to swap between nudes and bright oranges, from left to right:

Avon , Maybelline Peach Smoothie, Rimmel Orange Your Life, Rimmel Tangy Tangerine

Body Shop Coconut Cream | Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash | Clinique Hydration Spray | Clinique Eyes and Lips Makeup Remover.

  • I've put down perfumed moisturizers for the time being as the heat leaves them sticky on the skin and the scent a little sickly. This subtly yummy coconut fragranced Body Shop shower cream keeps me feeling and smelling fresh without being too overpowering. 
  • I use this Simple facial wash first thing in the morning, after an unavoidably sweaty nights sleep it perks, it leaves me feeling cooler and refreshed.
  • This Clinique moisture spray is the perfect size to throw in my bag and keep me feeling fresh and hydrated throughout the day. Just one spray covers everything that needs freshening up meaning I don't end up unnecessarily using a lot of this product.
  • This eye makeup remover is perfect for swiping away mascara with ease last thing at night when you're exhausted and want to fall into bed without the hassle of that horrible eye makeup battle.

  • I always have two or three books on the go, since beginning the Game of Thrones series just two days ago, I've almost finished reading it all. I simply cannot put it down. Being an avid watcher of the tv series it was about time I began the books and they've developed my understanding to the at time confusing story lines.
  • I've been steadily getting through Atonement these last few weeks, not entirely remembering the film, I've been really impressed with this read. 

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