Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nails nails nails!

I went through a horrible phase for many months of consistent nail biting, finally broken from the habit with nails worthy a coat of colour, I allowed myself to indulge in a nail polish or two (or four).

Colours from left to right: Peach Smoothie, Orange Attack, Bamako, Hazard.

My nail polish collections tends to consist of pinks and reds, however for a long while now I've lusted after the Mavala Chilli and Spice collection, and I was determined to pick up Bali but persuaded myself to go for something a little different and opted for this teal colour instead which I love even more on. 

Orange attack comes out a lovely orange-red on the first coat but on the second ventures out of the orange zone and deeper into the red. Unfortunately it does need two coats at the least which is a little bit of a shame but a lovely colour none the less, it just doesn't live up to it's name.

I love Peach Smoothie, it's a really flattering colour and my mum actually loved this so much she bought two more just in case they were discontinued!

Once applied to the nails, Hazard  orange than it looks in the bottle. I thought it more a pink colour but looking at my nails the following morning they looked a bright orange, Sinful Colours do a lovely colour range and retailing at only £1.99 they are definitely a bargain, however Mavala remain my favourite nail polish brand and at only £4 are not only extremely affordable but wear like something of a much more expensive brand. They have the lovliest collection of colours and i'm definitely going to opt towards this brand over others when I next fancy indulging.

I was really impressed with the wear from the Maybelline. On offer in Tesco 2 for £6, I couldn't say no. A beautiful array of colours and impressive long lasting wear.

What new polishes are you adding to your collection?

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