Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sunday Summary 08/02

Sunday Summary

This week was reading week, meaning no lectures, a lot of work, but also a lot of plans to catchup with friends.
Unfortunately, this all went downhill after that one week a year of bed ridden illness decided to hit.

1. Early Birthday celebration drinks with two of the girls after a meal in Argo.

2. Finally waking up to a sprinkling of snow. 

3. A cup of green tea with lemon whilst waiting for my STILTON and bean burger from the Cosy Club, an early week lunch date with Matt.

4. Bed ridden and feeling sorry for myself resulted in Matt bringing a box of Krispie Kremes including this cutie.

5. After purchasing the Lush Unicorn bubble bar a week back, I finally decided it was time to use it when feeling sorry for myself, to make me feel better.
A pink bath definitely cheered me up a little.

6. Finally feeling better today. A trip into town for a coffee with my mum & nanny ended up being treated to this little bag.
I've wanted something small for my upcoming trip to Italy & Budapest, just to carry my purse and sunglasses!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Instagram #01/02

  • 1. Lazy sofa mornings with my little Cavie, Missie.
  • 2. Orange flowers to brighten up my room, gift from Matt.
  • 3. Another gift from Matt, I read this in 2 & a half hours. More Mindy Kaling gold.
  • 4. I had completely forgotten that I had pre-ordered this a month or so back, so on its launch date, it was a lovely surprise to come home to.
  • 5. Snow whilst stuck on the train home from Nottingham.
  • 6. The first morning my village was finally hit by snow. It was such a sunny morning and it brightened up my room.
  • 7. My dad is currently going through a phase of trying out new recipes. He is obsessed with soups and muffins, these are my favourite; cranberries & white chocolate.
  • 8. A roast courtesy of my mum, possibly one of the best i've ever eaten (even if my yorkshire puddings turned out like little cakes).
  • 9. After finding this at the bottom of my drawer from the summer I decided to give it another go, used it up, headed straight out to repurchase.

January 2015 Favourites!

Well hello there! It has been quite a while... a whole year and a half. I thought what better way to reintroduce myself than through a Favourites post! So lets roll with all the items that slipped their way into my routine on a daily basis (or whenever-I-decided-to-get-ready-and-leave-the-house basis-a-few-times-a-week basis).

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream:
I had purchased this last summer, found it hiding at the bottom of my drawer with enough for one more use.
I had completely forgotten how much I love this product and immediately went out to repurchase! This has been my go to base, 
it provides a lovely light weight base that is easily buildable, but I find a little goes a very long way and it feels like I have nothing on my skin.

Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara:
This was a gift from my aunt after she absolutely raved about it to me and left me feeling very intrigued.
I use this combined with the L'oreal Million... This is my go to first coat, it really lengthens and separates my eyelashes.
At first I found it difficult to get on with the brush as it does feel quite flimsy which is why I only use it for the one coat, but it really does make it great base for when you really want to build up your lashes.

Benefit High Beam Highlighter:
I received this as part of a stocking from one of my closest friends for Christmas. I absolutely love highlighters and for the last two years have been faithfully using the Body Shop highlighter. 
But now I have completely converted. With a nail polish like brush, application is a breeze and unlike the Body Shop version, I find i'm not wasting any product.
It leaves a healthy, natural looking glow and I will definitely be purchasing the full size product!

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Moisturiser:
Another product I received in my Benefit stocking and since first use I am in love. 
This moisturiser leaves my skin feeling soft. I mean seriously soft. My moisturiser before way the Olay Day Cream as I like a milky like formula that sinks into the skin instead of like a lot of thicker cream like foundations that sit on it. This sinks in really well and i'm currently trying to savour this tester as much as possible, but I know as soon as I do get through it, i'll be straight out and purchasing a full sized bottle. Also I have to note, just look at how beautiful the bottle is!

'Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?' - Mindy Kaling
After reading this from front to back in a matter of two and a half hours, how could I not include this?! Mindy Kaling's wondeful humour for which we love her for, dominated the pages and clearly it became a 'can't put this book down until it's finished cover to cover' book. I enjoy having an insight into my 

Garnier Oil Beauty Moisturiser: 
Garnier has always been my go to brand for body moisturisers. Affordable and nourishing, they are yet to release a product that has left me feeling disappointed. Originally drawn to this after purchasing the oil counter part, I use this on a daily basis. A thick, milky texture, it sinks into the skin and has a really lovely scent which is probably one of my favourite things about this product.

Crabtree & Evelyn Moisturising Hand and Cuticle Cream

My hands have been feeling really dry lately and this is so soothing and after daily use, my hands feel back to their old self and there are no signs of dry patches. Again, this moisturiser sinks in straight away, so I can just rub it on and be okay to get one with whatever it is I am doing.