Monday, 2 February 2015

Instagram #01/02

  • 1. Lazy sofa mornings with my little Cavie, Missie.
  • 2. Orange flowers to brighten up my room, gift from Matt.
  • 3. Another gift from Matt, I read this in 2 & a half hours. More Mindy Kaling gold.
  • 4. I had completely forgotten that I had pre-ordered this a month or so back, so on its launch date, it was a lovely surprise to come home to.
  • 5. Snow whilst stuck on the train home from Nottingham.
  • 6. The first morning my village was finally hit by snow. It was such a sunny morning and it brightened up my room.
  • 7. My dad is currently going through a phase of trying out new recipes. He is obsessed with soups and muffins, these are my favourite; cranberries & white chocolate.
  • 8. A roast courtesy of my mum, possibly one of the best i've ever eaten (even if my yorkshire puddings turned out like little cakes).
  • 9. After finding this at the bottom of my drawer from the summer I decided to give it another go, used it up, headed straight out to repurchase.

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